Welcome to Fortes Holdings

Fortes Holdings is a 40+ year-old group that operates in several verticals – education, edtech, property development, engineering, distribution, fleet management, and investments.

The group is integrally involved in all stages of the business from start-up to operations and sets up professional leadership teams with operational systems which grow each business.



Fortes Education

Fortes Education owns, builds, and operates schools and early education centres since 1981, and has delivered a world-class education to thousands of students. Fortes Education is a diverse organisation made up of committed educators and innovators, and caring individuals who seek to improve education through innovative schools that help children realise their potential​.


Property Development

Landbanc (landbanc.co), has been developing residential leasehold & freehold projects in Dubai for the last 20 years.  Landbanc has developed 25 projects comprising over 2 million square feet of residential, hotel-serviced apartments, villa complexes, warehouses, schools and nurseries.  Additionally, Landbanc has underwritten and sold over 2.2 million square feet of residential and commercial space.


Construction, Engineering & Facilities Management

Emirates Universal Construction has been active in the field of construction, engineering and facilities management in Dubai.  EUC has built and delivered over 150 projects. EUC provides engineering and facilities management services to the Fortes Group.


Distribution of School Supplies

Blue Water Enterprise (BWE) is involved in the distribution of school supplies to Fortes Education.


Transport Services

MyBus owns fleets of buses and provides fleet management services to schools. 

Group Companies